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Wood Art Is Proud To Be Made In Malaysia & Malaysian Owned Company.
Birthed from a long-standing history of forestry and natural materials solutions, Wood Art Galaxy is leading the new wave of wood veneers that leave a lasting, natural impression; an authentic product that is responsibly sourced via environmentally sensitive methods to put in place continuous, sustainable cultivation for future generations and their spaces.
Veneer Slicing Techniques The appearance of the veneer sheet is determined by the way the wood is sliced and joined together. The various ways that veneer can be cut are shown here. We work with our brands to make wood veneer more accessible by taking the finishing further, adding value so that you can easily convert them into the desired end products. In fact, it is just as easy to use veneered panels as melamine ones.
Wood Veneer Matched Varying the matching of adjacent wood panels offers the designer many options for wood aesthetics. Due to the natural growth of trees, matching and coloring of wood panels is an inexact science. This often causes conflict between designers and manufacturers. However, if the designer is aware of the natural variation in wood, many pleasing aesthetics are possible.
Random Match The panels are placed in a random order and orientation. This provides a completely random and unmatched look.
Clear Lacquer/ UV Coating
Real Wood Veneer / Engineering Veneer
Our Veneer Layer
What Is Veneer? Unlike Solid Wood Which Is Sawn From A Log, Veneer Is Sliced In A Thin Layer, Increasing The Yield From Each Log And Therefore Adding To Its Value. Three Different Cut Styles, Crown Cut, Quarter Cut And Rotary, All Offer Different And Beautiful Grain Patterns.
Benefits Of Veneer More Budget Friendly Yet Just As Beautiful As Solid Wood, Veneer Is Flexible And Versatile, Perfect For Unleashing Your Creative Side. The Slicing Process Means That Much Less Raw Timber Is Used, Thereby Reducing Overall Consumption And Adding Environmental Benefits As Well As Financial.
Slip Match The panels are’slipped’ over without turning or flipping. The effect is a repeating pattern in which the grain lines are not continuous. Slip matching is especially pleasing with rift or quarter sawn lumber, where the grain tends to be straight. Since the panels are not flipped, light reflects the same from board to board and stain is accepted equally.
Book Match The panels are slid and flipped, much like the pages of a book. This creates a repeating pattern over 2 panels where the grain lines connect at either end. Since the panels are flipped, light is refracted differently on adjacent panels and stains may be accepted differently. This sometimes creates a barber-pole effect, where panels alternate from a lighter shade to a darker shade. Certain species of wood accentuate this effect.